Furoshiki - More Tutorials here on Japanese

I am in love with this! Seriously! It's easy, elegant, and gorgeous. I will be posting more tutorials here on Japanese Furoshiki...this is just the beginning!

You will need:
Square piece of fabric

That's it! Yes, I promise, that's it. :)

1) Spread out your piece of fabric to look like a diamond in front of you.
(I'm sorry for the horrible wrinkles! I was in a hurry and didn't have time to iron it)

2) Put your gift right smack in the middle.

3) Take two opposite corners, bring them to the center and tie a knot.

4) Bring in the other two ends and tie those too. (Tuck the ends of the first knot under the new knot you are making.) If the ends are too long, or you want to make it more secure, tie the ends again

5) You're done!

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