Pretty Platter Reveal!

Ok, remember that little platter I saw at TJ Maxx that was totally screaming for me replicate?!?!!? No? Well then, click HERE. I've been working on it since yesterday and it's finally complete! And I am in love :)

This is the result:

Pretty Platter Reveal!

It's extremely simple to make and I did it with everything I already had at home. The bottom is a candle holder that I got on sale for $3 a while ago. The top is the cover to a hat box I have had for years. The rest is ribbon, paint, and glue!
Pretty Platter Reveal!

1. I primed and painted the top. Even though I primed it, it still took several coats.
2. I used E400 glue to attach the base and top together...let that dry for 24 hours.
3. I wrapped some ribbon around it and added a bow.

What I love most about this baby is the versatility! I can change the colors of the ribbon to match whatever I want. This means I could use it for any party my heart desires and have it match the color scheme. I like that. I like that a lot. And instead of the bow, I can put a pin wheel...or flowers...or nothing!

Here it is again - although it pales compared to the beauty of my princess.

Pretty Platter Reveal!

She was so intrigued by this platter. She kept giving it kisses. She approves!

Can't you just see this little beauty with cupcakes on top? I can. If you love cupcakes at parties, you will love the Lovely Paper Blog. She has the template to the most gorgeous cupcake liners you can make yourself. You just print the template, trace it on pretty paper, cut, glue together, and place a cupcake inside! It completely transforms that little cupcake!

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