It's super easy and it makes for a wonderful gift!!

I got a sweet tutorial for you today!! It's super easy and it makes for a wonderful gift!!
It's super easy and it makes for a wonderful gift

I have seen several of these roaming around blog land...I just had to make my own cos they are jaw dropping :) What I like about this one is I made the flower interchangeable. That way, you can change flowers to coordinate with your outfit or wear it without a flower at all. We are day we like something, the next day we don't! So it made sense to make this necklace to change along with my mood!

Onward to the tutorial!

What you will need:

(All of these things are in the jewelry section in Walmart or Joann Fabrics)

  • Wire
  • Glass pearls
  • Clasps
  • Crimp Beads
  • Pliers

All of this stuff is relatively cheap...and since you get quiet a bit of crimp beads and clasps, you will have enough for many necklaces.

Ok let's get started:
1. Measure the length you want for your necklace. It's your preference how long you like it :) and add an inch or two so you have enough wire for the clasps
2. Grab an end and bead a crimp through first, then the clasp like the picture shows

3. Then you will bring the wire back around and through the crimp once again.
4. Close out your crimp with the fliers. It's helpful to have pointy pliers here. Also be careful not to do it too hard or you might cut the wire. But you wanna make sure it's hard enough where the wire won't come off.

4. Put your beads on and close out your necklace in the same manner as you started it.

By now you should have this:

Add your pretty flower and voila!

Here's the back so you can see how I attached it. These  pins are also in the jewelry section. I just hot glued them on the back - they come on and off in a snap!

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