I just wanted to share this gift my sister made for me a while back. This has by far been my favorite gift. It's handmade life and it's obvious it took a good chunk of time to make. I love it. And it means so so much to me. I carry it in my purse most of the time so I can sneak a peak and read a verse whenever I can.

She took a recipe book from the Martha Stewart line... I believe she got it from Target if I remember correctly. And with some scrapbooking paper, she made a tag with the printed Psalm to cover a "Recipe" title that was originally on it. Then inside she hand wrote her favorite scriptures on each card.

Isn't it a lovely idea? So personal and meaningful. It made me cry when I opend it. I love my sister.
There are many ways you can fit this idea to whatever you want...you can write quotes for a quote lover. or actual recipes! Or things you love about them!

Thank you sis! I will cherish this gift forever!

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